Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


29-10-08 |

Turn Key Project


Pilot shop for the marketing of live/fresh aquatic species

Building on our strong experience in innovative systems for water treatment, Acuinuga's Aquaculture Division designed these facilities to ensure the maximum transparency in the handling of seafood, seeking consumer exposure to the live product.

This finalised project aimed at the differentiation of fishing and aquaculture projects, as well as the divulgation of fish farming activities, including shellfish holding & handling and mollusk purification protocols to the final consumer.

The total working area (270 m2) was divided in three sections: shop, live holding and storage/handling. The holding area, with a 1.600 Kg holding capacity, included two independent, energy-efficient systems using 100% recirculated, filtered seawater under temperature control. The holding systems can keep live product under optimal conditions for up to 60 working days. Auxiliary elements in this state-of-the-art facility include autonomous ice production, display aquaria, handling/packing room and a dedicated waste management system.

The intense technological development experienced by the Aquaculture industry, and in particular by the water treatment/water sterilisation areas, allow for the viability of closed recirculation facilities at any location. The stocking and distribution of live seafood in any region, while maintaining the highest sanitary and quality standards, profits from the combination of logistic advantages with the commercial impact derived from exposure to the live product.