Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


25-04-18 |

Project ECOPEMER in Brussels

ACUINUGA’s  Aquaculture Division promotes the ECOPEMER project for the ecological production of fish and mollusks under recirculation in Galicia. This project has been selected among hundreds of competitors for the financing round "Blue Invest 2018", organized by the European Commission and taking place in Brussels on May 17 of the present year. 

ECOPEMER is a business expansion project with an investment horizon close to 1.5 million euros, centered around the resumption of aquaculture activities in a facility located within a sensitive environment, with great productive potential although so far lacking in an experienced and professional management leadership. In terms of animal production, ECOPEMER belongs to the field of food biotechnology, focusing on the application of disruptive seawater recirculation and containment technologies in order to minimize environmental impact, while guaranteeing the health and biosecurity of the cultivar. The project pursues the ecological certification of the final product through the application of new nutritional techniques such as the ad hoc formulation of fish diets from local ingredients, and the use of fish (turbot, sea bass, sea bream) grow-out effluents for the nursery phase of commercially relevant bivalve mollusk seed (clam and oyster).  

With the Blue Invest event the Commission intends to realize the generating potential for wealth and employment retained by the blue economy in the European Union. Blue Invest is a matching platform bringing together the financial community and innovative entrepreneurship, under the format of previously arranged bilateral meetings customized for the study of investment opportunities and the development of projects with a strong environmental component. An attendance of 300 participants has been confirmed for the 2018 edition, including investment funds, companies in the seafood sector, suppliers of financial services and political and administration policy makers. In addition to representing a unique opportunity for the identification of financial partners, Blue Invest facilitates the establishment of know-how networks among potential clients, investors, innovators, auxiliary service providers and companies in the marine, environmental and agro-food fields.