Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


14-12-17 |

New Aquaculture documentary on TV

A comprehensive television report will be broadcasted this December in the Reporter 21 program of the Orbe channel (Movistar TV). Filmed in different locations during the summer of this year by Roberto Benito, and produced by Cristina Gómez and Rocío García de Mora, the report covers different aspects of the production and commercialization of mollusks, fish and other aquatic species of commercial interest.

This work involves institutions such as the Galician Mussel Regulating Council, the Aquapiscis Continental Aquaculture Producers Organization or the Galician Aquaculture Cluster, as well as relevant companies in the sector such as Galician Marine Aquaculture or the Ría de Arosa Cooperative Society. The fieldwork is complemented by interviews in the studio, also addressing the R&D activity in the field of aquaculture with the participation of the ECIMAT (University of Vigo) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Our CEO, veterinarian and Ph.D. in aquaculture Dr. Luis Pérez Carrasco participates throughout several stages of the documentary.

The raft production of mussels, the larval culture of fish species such as sole or turbot, the hatchery production of seed and planting in grow-out parks of molluscan species such as clams and oysters, research on promising species such as the grouper, the abalone or the production of algae, and undergoing projects for fish feed enhancement and ecological production are some of the topics addressed in this documentary work.

We would like to thank all the participants for their contribution to this  program, and especially to the producers of a very important work for the dissemination of an activity that remains largely unknown. Aquaculture's continued presence in the media is essential to transparently disclose production, transformation and marketing processes for commercially relevant aquatic species. Strengthening confidence in an activity that generates local jobs and thus integrates rural communities, programs such as these remind the public of the many great opportunities waiting behind the development of aquaculture, which retains a huge potential for adding value to our natural resources while ensuring their sustainability.

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