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02-02-17 |

Technical Workshop on Watermaster's New Capacities

Acuinuga cooperates with Aquamec, the Finnish manufacturer of the Watermaster ecodredge, in the presentation of the new configurations and capabilities of this unique multifunctional tool:

 - Perfect  for the dredging of shallow waters in estuaries, canals, lagoons, ponds, marshes, estuaries, rivers, etc.;

- Maximum efficiency in the suction and cutting of mud and sludge, backhoe dredging, removal of excess vegetation, piling and piping work, pond ditch and bank construction, intertidal cleanup,  etc.;

-Transportable on standard trailers, self-floating and self-propelled, versatile; operates without winches, cables or auxiliary boats;

- Easy access to inland or coastal areas, decantation ponds, drainage improvement, wetland management, algae removal and harvesting.

The workshop will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, NW Spain on Thursday, on April, 2017.

We have designed this activity with a wide range of potential users in mind, such as civil engineers, specialized machinery operators, dredging and construction companies, members of the aquaculture sector etc. Public institutions with environmental competencies such as municipalities, port authorities, hydrographic confederations, river basins, coastal management entities etc. are also encouraged to participate.

The workshop shall be delivered by specialized personnel from Acuinuga and Aquamec, travelling from Finland for the occasion. Designed with an open and interactive format, it will include the presentation of abundant audiovisual material, favouring the interaction between  speakers and attendants. Assistance to the event ensures the handing over of printed technical material detailing the improved features of Watermaster.


Please contact or call (+34) 981 88 46 26 for further details.