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Nº 321 / 22.01.2018

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Zix Virox

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Broad spectrum biocide for the cleaning and disinfection fo seawater and freshwater facilities. Effective virucidal activity (norovirus, herpesvirus, etc.), bactericidal against gram-positive and  gram-negative bacteria (Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Vibrionaceae); fungicidal, sporicidal against bacterial and strong antiprotoza and algicide properties. May be applied for disease prevention or for the treatment of external diseases in fish, molluscs and crustaceans; egg disinfection, disinfection of tanks, water reservoirs and ducts and for the hygienisation of handling utensils.

Formula: Unique combination of peroxides, peracetic acid, surfactants and water stabilizers. 

Format: 5 Kg (500 L final solution), 20 Kg (2000 final solution) and 200 Kg (final solution) containers. 

Technical profile:

Technical Profile: Colorless liquid. Completely biodegradable product, does not result in the generation of toxic and/or dangerous metabolites. Manufactured under UNE protocols for food, environmental and hygiene applications. UNE-EN 13697, UNE-EN 1276, UNE-EN 1650. Registered in the Official Biocide Registry: 22/00043/S. MAGRAMA (Spanish Ministry of Agriculture) 0788-P.

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