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Nº 022 / 29.05.2017


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Digital Caliper with Tablet

Analyses and measurements / Labware




Digital caliper with high accuracy and full scale and data output to large LCD display.

Signal data transfer cable for digital caliper and USB adapter to micro USB.

Option: data communications for working in wireless network environment.

Tablet for data storage, processing and utilisation of acquired data. Technical Profile: Android system, 10'1 inch screen, 2 GB RAM memory, 16 GB enlargeable to 32 GB storage capacity. USB and micro SD port. Front and rear cameras. Built-in GPS for measurement geolocalisation. Suitable for outdoor use.


Technical profile:

Offer Date and Validity: May, 29th, 2017/ 30 days.

Date of Delivery: Spring - Summer 2017.

Payment: To be convened.


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