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01-03-13 |

Watermaster ecodregde, present in five continents


The versatility of the Watermaster ecodredge is behind the global leadership acquired by this unique mulipurpose tool for precision works in the aquatic environment - both in fresh and saltwater -, characterized by its excellent mobility and portability.

The Watermaster reliability builds on more than 30 years of working experience, and it has been designed for backhoe dredging, suction dredging and pile driving. Currently, the Watermaster ecodredge is carrying out environmental restoration projects in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe. Together with other well proven technologies such as sediment flocculation and the inertization of contaminated sludge in geotubes, this is the worldwide choice of reference for the safe, effective dredging of potentially toxic sediments in shallow waters.

Some of the diverse applications of the Watermaster ecodredge are:

-   Inland and coastal work: deepening and cleaning of shallow water areas, navigation channels, marinas; removal of excessive vegetation, reconstruction of shorelines;

-   Environmental work: flood prevention, elimination of rooted vegetation andlitter removal;

-   Construction work: piping systems and cable works, building works in the aquatic environment;

-   Industrial work: maintenance and cleaning of industrial basins and mining ponds, removal of contaminated sediments, etc.

The transportation of the Watermaster ecodredge is easy. The machine is capable of walking by itself in public roads, loading and unloading itself from platform lorries, walking on dry land in and out of the water, without cranes or additional lifting equipment.  Once in the water, Watermaster cruises to the working site with its own propulsion system, eliminating the need for assistance vessels, anchors or wire cables. This unique ecodredge is particularly suited for work in very shallow and narrow locations, with powerful dredging pumps capable of pumping material up to 1,5 Km away from the suction area.

Watermaster is ideal for dredging shallow water bodies in channels, rivers, estuaries, lakes, ponds, bays, ports and dams, and it is extremely effective for the intertidal zone. Maximum working depth is approximately 6 meters, and the dredge may be configured for high precission, GPS-assisted dredging.

This completely documented, fully tested and proven serial product facilitates the minimization of  capital investment, and the reduction of operational and maintenance costs, allowing for the replacement of several single purpose machines.  Robust and reliable, there are in excess of 200 ecodredges operating worldwide. The manufacturing plant and the central warehouse are based in Finland, and the equipment is delivered with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, as well as EU safety certification (FOPS).